Important Characteristics of Nursing Shoes

Most nurses experience discomfort all shift long; it is natural with nurses really. They spend longs hours on their feet with little or no time for relaxation, coupled with the stress that accompanies the job, it is no wonder they are always tired and stressed out.

In nursing, appearance is very important. Wearing the right apparel will make you look professional and smart; wearing the right shoes will greatly reduce the stress and discomfort a nurse feels during his/her shift.

Main Attributes of a Good Nursing Shoe

A good nursing shoe must have adequate arch support to accommodate and support the arch of the foot comfortably while the wearer runs walks or stands. This is most important for nurses with plantar fasciitis and flat feet.

A good nursing shoe must also be light. The job is already stressful enough; you don’t need the weight of your shoes to weigh you down as well. Light shoes help in increasing speed and flexibility which is vital for nurses especially in the emergency unit.

The best shoes for nurses and healthcare practitioners are:

  • Slip on: I love this, I purchased a new phone using amazon mobile coupons and ordered a new dansko slip-on. The major advantage of this shoe is the ease it takes to change in and out of them. In operation theaters, sterility paramount so nurses and healthcare practitioners are expected to change their footwear whenever they enter and exit the theater; no external footwear is allowed. In this case, slip-on shoes are great.


  • Clogs: Clogs are the popular type of shoes for nurses. These shoes provide comfort and protection. The front end of the shoe is closed so it provides protection against spills which is common in the healthcare environment. Most clogs are open at the back and have straps to hold the foot in place.


  • Running shoes: In the Intensive care and Emergency sections, nurses are always on the go. What better shoes for these situations than running shoes? These shoes are built for running and provide protection against slips. Most running shoes are enclosed so they provide protection against spills.

Advantages of a Good Nursing Shoe

  • In the nursing profession, maintaining the correct posture at all times is very important to prevent back pains. A good nursing shoe helps to maintain the correct posture when worn.
  • Adequate arch support will reduce aches the nurse feels on her feet.
  • A good nursing shoe must have good grip; good grip will prevent slips and accidents.
  • Good running shoes will provide speed and comfort.



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