Best Gifts For The Man Who Has Everything

It can be challenging to decide what to gift a man who has everything. One way to start would be asking yourself if he really does have everything or it only looks that way. If this is the case, there’s a host of practical gifts he’d be happy to receive.

Alternatively, the guy really doesn’t want or need anything. But he needs to live so he can enjoy all these things. On that note, anything health-related would be a good idea – a book with the most common illnesses, a blood pressure measurement device, etc.

A Private Chef

If the guy has culinary interests, you could make him a special meal, or take him to a fancy restaurant. However, hiring a private chef to visit and cook for him in his home would be the most memorable option. He’ll enjoy amazing food prepared in his own kitchen with his equipment and learn useful cooking tips from an expert.



Hobbies are another thing to go by. Is he interested in plants and flowers? Get him an AeroGarden – this cute little bush is perfect for someone who wants to develop gardening, but not at the expense of his space.



Hotel Gift Card

In the pre-Internet days, booking a hotel was really nothing more than a throw of the dice. You would either stop at one in your desperation or call a random number in the phone book and end up being less than pleased. Those days are gone, but a blind Internet search could yield the same result. If he is a busy guy – and he must be – he doesn’t have time to look. A gift card from would bring some much-needed peace of mind.

A Good Cause

Again, it would make sense to go by interests here. Say he is an animal lover – Christmas is coming and there are lots of animal adoption kits for sale. There’s no better occasion to help animals while making a memorable present. There are fewer than 1,800 giant pandas left in the wilderness. An adoption kit could help drive WWF resources to this noble cause.

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